Natural Remedies For Clogged Milk Ducts

If you have tried breastfeeding a child, then you would know that a clogged or blocked milk duct is one of the most frustrating and painful challenges experienced by nursing mothers.

When it comes to clogged milk ducts, it is essential to get the breast milk flowing again to avoid mastitis or other infections. Clogged milk ducts happen when they are not emptied regularly. The condition manifests through engorgement of the breast, as well as the incapacity to release the pressure when nursing a baby.

Some of the causes of clogged milk ducts include feeding problems and positions, a very tight bra and plugged nipple pore. With that in mind, here are natural remedies you ought to try.

1. Change your nursing position

Most of the time, clogged milk ducts can be resolved by simply changing your nursing position. Make sure that the jaw of your baby is the one directly applying the most pressure to your breasts.

2. Utilize a warm compress or take a hot shower

Clogged milk ducts are often painful. By using a warm compress or even taking a hot shower, you’ll be able to effectively unclog your milk ducts. When taking a hot shower, make sure that the water hits the affected area.

3. Massage breasts with coconut oil

Massaging your breasts is a great way to unclog clogged milk ducts. Be sure to use coconut oil so that it will be able to not only moisturize your sensitive skin, but it will also loosen any blockage.

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