6 Health Trends Olympians are All About

Remember those weird purple-red circles on Michael Phelps sculpted back or the multi-colored tape slung across Kerry Walsh Jennings’ right shoulder? It’s all for a purpose.

Olympians are looking for more natural or holistic techniques rather than medicine.Check out these health trends:

Kinesio Tape: The tape is placed in the pattern of muscle fibers and helps facilitate movement.

Cupping: ancient Chinese therapy that is touted for promoting healing and easing muscle pain.The therapy involves placing glass or plastic cups on the body that seal against the skin and create a vacuum that pulls skin away from the body to improve blood flow and draw out toxins.

Sleep rate monitor – a device that monitors how well an athlete slept and for how long. Fatigue or lack of sleep can cause balance and coordination issues as well as lead to muscle injuries.

Inflammation Trackers – this is a kit to measure the level of inflammation in the body through the athlete’s saliva. Cortisol levels are then measured.

Ice Baths – with temperatures about 50-degrees Fahrenheit, athletes will sit for about eight to 10 minutes to help move out that lactic acid and other waste products that are generated during the course of a race. The temperature also can enhance blood flow, which aids muscle recovery.

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