Home remedies for migraines: How to recover from an extreme headache

A migraine can be debilitating, but you shouldn’t have to put up with it affecting your daily life – which is why knowing the remedies you can rely on at home could make a huge difference.

For those times when you can’t bear to drag yourself out of the house, we spoke with Dr. Farooq Maniyar, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital (part of HCA Healthcare UK), who explained the causes and shared the at-home remedies you can try to help fix a migraine.

What are the home remedies for migraines?

Sadly, there are no definitive answers as everyone reacts to natural remedies differently. However, you could try:

Lying in a quiet and dark room “Lying in a quiet and dark room definitely helps most migraine patients,” explains Dr. Maniyar. “During migraine attacks, the brain is hyper-responsive to external stimuli. Therefore, the light appears too bright and sounds are too loud and reducing these external stimulations reduces the symptoms. This is strongly recommended during an attack.”

Taking ginger If you’re hoping for a quicker result, ginger is believed to be effective in managing migraine pain. A 2014 study using 100 participants compared the effectiveness of ginger powder with sumatriptan, a common migraine drug. The researchers found the effectiveness of ginger was statistically comparable to sumatriptan.

Massage “During migraine attacks, neck pain and stiffness is very common, and this is due to the central communication between the nerves that carry pain sensations from the back of the head and neck and the front of the head,” Dr. Maniyar explains. “This can lead to secondary muscle spasm and a gentle massage can help relieve the spasm.”

Drinking plenty of water “As mentioned above, avoiding dehydration and maintaining a good and clear urine output is strongly recommended for migraine,” says Dr. Maniyar.

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