This Winter Season, Take Care of You

The holidays and winter are upon us, and while this season is celebrated with cheer, it also can be incredibly busy and stressful, especially for pharmacists and other healthcare providers. Did you know that about 40 percent of healthcare professionals will still go to work despite not feeling their best? Among the healthcare professionals included in the study, pharmacists were those most likely to show up for duty. i

Take care of yourself by providing your body with nutrients that support overall health, your immune system, mood, and energy metabolism. Several Nature Made® vitamins and supplements are #1 Pharmacist Recommended in their category* for a reason, so it’s time to listen to the advice you give your pharmacy patients and take control of your own health.

Immune system support during the winter season†
A well-functioning immune system is foundational for your health, especially during the winter months. These vitamins help support a healthy immune system:

Vitamin A—helps control cellular processes in the immune system and contributes to the growth and development of immune cells.ii†
Vitamin C—supports the immune system in its important roles in white blood cell production and function as well as other immune system cells.iii†
Vitamin D—helps regulate the immune response and is involved in immune cell function.
Vitamin E—helps neutralize free radicals and helps support the immune system of older adults.
Zinc—helps in the normal development and function of various immune cells.

Support a healthy mood during the holiday stress

Don’t let stress interfere with the quality of care you provide your pharmacy patients. This time of year can be particularly stressful and bring with it a rollercoaster of emotions. When emotions get out of balance, it can cause you to feel moody.

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