Alternative medicine teams join battle against corona

The teams of alternative systems of medicine have joined the battle of defeating the corona virus. They are playing important role in the identified areas of the districts.

It is worth noticing here that following the instructions of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Ayurvedic doctors are distributing preventive and immunity boosting medicines to the common people. Homoeopathy medicines are also being given in some areas.

The people have showered praise on the team members approaching them. They have appreciated the initiative of providing preventive Ayurvedic medicine.

In Bhopal, Khushi Lal Sharma Government Ayurveda Hospital’s Medical Officer along with the subordinate staff are going to the identified areas and advising people to save themselves from the corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the Chief Minister had also given instructions to give AYUSH medicines. Medicines have been distributed to millions of people in many districts.

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