5 Alternative Medicine Options for Chronic Pain: How to Manage Life Without Opioids

Opioid addiction is a scary reality today, but it’s not your only option for your chronic pain management. Here are 5 alternative medicine options to consider!

Each day, the CDC estimates that about 130 Americans die from using opioid drugs. If you or a loved one use opioids for chronic pain, then you are at risk for developing an addiction and becoming part of this statistic.

Take control of your pain while keeping control over your life. Read on to learn 5 alternative medicine options for treating chronic pain without opioids.

Kratom grows on an evergreen tree in Asia and offers you an alternative to using opioids. This plant medicine attaches to the same receptors in the body to provide similar pain-relieving effects.

Many areas of Southeast Asia have used Kratom as traditional medicine since ancient times for everything from anxiety to pain relief. You can take this herbal supplement as a chewable, a tea, or in tablet form.

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