Desk exercise equipment to transform the workday into a workout

In recent decades, jobs have become increasingly sedentary across the US. Less than one-in-five US positions require moderate-intensity physical activity at a minimum, according to an American Journal of Health Promotion study. To assist, a number of manufacturers have developed low-profile and compact exercise accessories with office workers in mind. Today, there are many ways to incorporate intermittent desk workouts throughout the standard workday. From under-desk treadmills to balancing training accessories, here’s some of the top desk exercise equipment on the market.

FLEXISPOT Home Office Exercise Bike ($300)

The FlexiSpot Desk bike is a great option for people looking to incorporate low-impact exercise throughout the workday. With four wheels positioned along the base, the unit can be easily repositioned as needed and the adjustable bike seat accommodates riders of varying heights. Between desk workouts, people can use the adjustable desk counter surface as a standing desk.

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