Fight Off Depression With these Natural Supplements

In the case of depression, several medications have been produced with the aim of bringing about a significant improvement in the mood and mind state of individuals affected.

However, due to the recurring adverse effects attached to these anti-depressants, health professionals have been forced to look into natural supplements that can serve the same purpose but with less negative effects.

Studies have shown that these natural supplements can be used effectively to boost positive feelings in those suffering from depression.

Here are 3 natural supplements that can serve as mood boosters.


Research has made it clear that folic acid deficiency has a significant effect on depression. Doctors recommend the intake of 500 micrograms of folate because it is known to boost the efficiency of administered anti-depressants. To increase your levels of folate, your diet should include folate-rich foods like beans, avocados, lentils, fortified cereals and leafy green vegetables.

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