Magnet Therapy Can Be Used to Reduce Inflammation—Experts Explain How

If you’ve ever been in perpetual pain—dull or otherwise—you know how disconcerting it can be. Fortunately, there are many, many integrative medicine techniques that can help assess pain from less-obvious stances. Case in point: Magnet therapy. While you might not think that placing magnets on your body could have any effect on how you feel, integrative doctors say otherwise.

For that reason, we chatted with a couple of experts about all the nitty-gritty on magnet therapy. Keep reading to learn about the centuries-old technique. Of course, while magnet therapy might prove beneficial for some people, make sure to seek medical advice before partaking in magnet therapy firsthand.

What is magnet therapy?

As the name suggests, magnet therapy is a remedy that uses magnets to promote healing.

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