Should You Eat Sesame Seeds? Here Are the Benefits, Nutrition, and How to Eat Them

If you’re looking for a food with health benefits that may also help with weight loss, you may want to consider adding sesame seeds to your diet.

These small seeds, similar to poppy seeds, pack a lot of fibre, healthy fat, and protein. And they have many other nutrients like calcium and magnesium, as well as natural antioxidants, which have multiple health benefits.

Here’s everything you need to know about these small, but nutrient-rich seeds, including their health benefits, risks, and the best way to eat them.

What are sesame seeds and where do they come from?

Sesame seeds are the edible seeds that grow in pods on a plant called Sesamum indicum, says Cynthia Sass, a plant-based diet specialist based in Los Angeles.

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