Get fit in 15 minutes: The best nutrition and exercise to improve your calves


To tone your calves, try lunges with heel lifts, says celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather (

Step back into a lunge position, with your right leg bending your back knee, keeping your back straight.

Lift and lower the heel of the front foot off the floor. Pulse it with control. Go for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds to switch legs. Repeat 20 seconds on the left leg, then a ten second rest with time to switch. Do eight rounds of 20 on, ten off (four on each leg).


For sculpted calf muscles, nutritionist Shona Wilkinson ( recommends trying the following foods.

Have you tried bison burger? Bison gives us a high dose of protein which is vital for firm calves. But it has half the fat of beef. Give it a go!

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