WATCH – The Origin Of Kratom And What It Means To The World

In three minutes, readers can get an idea of the origin and uses of kratom and what it means outside the U.S., too. This video was sent to us by the non-profit in response to a story we published by Morgan Joylighter, called “Kratom Helped Me Turn My Life Around, Now The DEA Has Banned It.”

Dear Readers: There’s still time to stop this maddening and unnecessary ban on the kratom plant. We’ve made it so easy! Just follow these simple ACTION STEPSUse hashtag #IAMKratom on social media – bookmark our articles on Kratom


Mitra – A natural and organic traditional medicine is under threat from a government agency. A herb with similar properties to coffee and jasmine is on the verge of being scheduled a class ‘A’ drug the same as heroin, cocaine or ice amphetamines.

The scheduling of Mitra will only benefit multi billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation to earn more money and push their drugs.

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