Cupping: Madonna shocks fans with ‘alternative medicine’ selfie

Madonna is showing off her incredible figure at 62, scars and all.

The star shared a selection of photos on her Instagram Story over the weekend, where she had the scar near her left hip on full display, as well as a whole bunch of marks along her legs from cupping therapy.

Cupping therapy is an alternative medicine that claims to decrease inflammation in the body and increase blood flow.

“#recovery #cupping #beautifulscar,” wrote the songstress on all of her photos.

“She looks great!!” one Instagram user wrote.

“She lookin f**kin gooood,” wrote another.

Another wrote that, “she looks amazing”.

“Always beautiful,” said another.

Madonna first showed off the scar on her hip in November on Instagram.

In a post, the singer had her black dress lifted all the way up, exposing her scar from surgery.

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