The 3 nutrition rules professional athletes swear by that we can all use to eat healthier

Dr. Mike Molloy is a nutrition coach who has worked with professional athletes including Icelandic weightlifter and CrossFit athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir, CrossFitter and UK’s fittest man Zack George, Brazilian goalkeeper Aline Reis, world judo champion An Changrim, 4th fittest woman on earth Haley Adams, and more.

From weight lifters to wake surfers and freeskiers to footballers, Molloy has helped a wide variety of professional athletes nail their nutrition so they can perform at their peak – but also enjoy their lifestyle.

Many of the principles used by elite athletes apply just as much to the rest of us, and by learning from the pros we can all develop healthier eating practices and mindsets around food.

1. Nail the basics

Many people presume elite athletes consume all sorts of supplements and follow peculiar food rules, but this isn’t generally the case.

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