Top 4 health tips: Foods that nutritionists eat

According to the New York Times and Morning Consult, there’s a significant discrepancy between foods nutritionists and Americans think are good for you. Check out these four foods that got a seal of approval from the nutritionists:

1.) ORANGES – The citrus fruit has been hailed as one of the best foods that fights the cold and flu, so add it to your grocery list ASAP.

2.) SPINACH – It’s one of the best leafy greens you could eat, and loading up on spinach can even help improve your sight.

3.)ALMONDS – The little treats, which are great picks for keeping your cravings under control, are also powerful foods for your heart. So now might just be the time to show them some love.

4.) EGGS – Stick with free-range and organic eggs to get the most benefits, and make sure you’re learning the truth about all those egg carton label claims.

The Morning Call