What are the supplements you take really doing to your health?

In an article published in Australian Prescriber, University of Queensland Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmacology Geraldine Moses has warned of major potential harms associated with the use of dietary supplements.

‘One reason for the persistent popularity of vitamins and minerals is the perception that they are harmless,’ says Moses. But that perception masks a troublesome reality.

‘When it comes to complementary medicines, most consumers are only given information about the possible benefits of these products, and little if anything about risk – and there’s always potential risk.’

The advice comes as supplement use is soaring. In July, a US survey claimed that nearly 30 per cent of Americans are now taking more supplements than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Commissioned by the US health non-profit Samueli Foundation, the Harris Poll concluded that 76 per cent of US citizens were taking supplements.

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