5 Mushroom Supplements That Are Actually Worth Buying

Mushrooms are certainly having their moment.

From coffee alternatives and meat replacements, face serums to immunity boosters, companies are capitalizing on mushrooms’ promises: mood-lifting, clarity-inducing, and immunity-stoking.

By 2024, the global mushroom market is reported to reach about 69 billion dollars. And if you haven’t been persuaded to try any of the products yet, don’t worry … they’ll grow on you.

Maybe you didn’t think that was funny. Trust me, though. I’m a fun – gi. But I do agree there’s mush room for improvement, so I’ll keep working on my material.

Or … maybe I should just stick to nutrition.

Truth be told, when it comes to mushroom science, mushroom supplementation doesn’t seem to be a fad, because mushrooms have been around for thousands of years and used globally for a variety of outcomes.

Mycologists, scientists who study fungi, have uncovered data in this ever-evolving field of mushrooms.

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