Research Finds the Best Way to Get Rid of Migraines

A fascinating new piece of research has been released which may change the way we consider medication, meditation and even spirituality.

An article published by Behavioral Medicine “Effect of Different Meditation Types on Migraine Headache Medication Use,” did three different types of meditation among randomized controlled trials of 92 people.

The people involved had severe migraines at least twice a month, and were sorted into four random groups. Each group had a different style of meditation to do. These were Spiritual Meditation (exp. “God is love”), Internally Focused Secular Meditation (exp. “I am content”), Externally Focused Secular Meditation (exp. “Sand is soft,”), or Progressive Muscle Relaxation (technique).

Each subject kept a diary and practiced their assigned meditation technique for 20 minutes per day over 30 days. Weirdly enough migraine frequency decreased significantly in the Spiritual Meditation group compared to other groups. However, medication usage for migraine headaches had a sharper decline in the Spiritual Meditation group compared to other groups.

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