Fitness Trends on TikTok: A Double-Edged Sword?

In a recent article by, the spotlight is on the most popular fitness trends circulating on social media platforms like TikTok. LifeSpan Fitness, a fitness equipment seller, conducted research that revealed reformer pilates as the most searched fitness regimen online, with 238,400 people searching for it every month. The list also includes the 75 Hard Challenge, Under-desk treadmill, 12-3-30 treadmill workout, and weighted hula hoops.

However, not all fitness professionals are singing praises. Nikki Ellis from Cinch Fitness raised concerns about the 75 Hard Challenge, calling it an “unnecessarily harsh regime.” Created by entrepreneur Andy Frisella in 2019, the challenge requires participants to commit to 75 days of zero cheat days, no alcohol, four liters of water per day, two 45-minute workouts, and more. Ellis warns that such extreme regimens could lead to injuries from overuse or exhaustion.

Ellis also cautioned against blindly following TikTok fitness trends, emphasizing the importance of consulting with a general practitioner before diving headlong into any workout routine. She advised people to be wary of trends promising quick results coupled with overly restrictive dieting, advocating for “tried and true trends based on scientific research.”

So, while social media can be a great source of fitness inspiration, it’s crucial to approach it with a discerning eye.