Pill or Exercise: How Would You Treat Your High Blood Pressure?

A new US survey has revealed that if given the choice, most of us would choose popping a pill or drinking a daily cup of tea over exercise in order to lower high blood pressure.

The “treatments” proposed were drinking a daily cup of tea, doing exercise, taking pills, or having a monthly or semi-annual injection.

The responses showed that taking a pill would be the preferred choice for many, with 79% of respondents saying they would be willing to take a pill for an extra month of life, 90% would for an extra year of life and 96% would for an extra five years of life.

In comparison, 63% would be willing to exercise for an extra month of life, although this figure rose to 84% for an extra year and 93% for an additional five years.

The least popular choice was taking an injection, with only 51% saying they would take a monthly shot for an extra month of life. However, participants were more willing if the gains were greater, or if the shots were every six months.

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