Can Crowdsourced Exercise Plans Replace Personal Trainers?

At the start of each year, once the hangover subsides, and the daily grind starts anew, people flock to the local health club with the self-affirming promise to “get in shape” and lose that holiday weight.

Enter CrowdFit, a platform for exercise planning that relies on crowdsourcing from non-experts to create workout regimens guided by national exercise recommendations and tailored around user schedules and interests.

In early tests, the program proved superior to professional plans, offering more appropriate levels of exercise, a better progression of activities, applicable strengthening routines, and improved compositions.

The researchers presented a paper on CrowdFit last month at the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Montreal.

A non-expert (volunteers who lack the formal education and expertise of a personal trainer) mold that profile—along with exercise and health guidelines provided by CrowdFit—to create a made-to-order week-long plan for the user.

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