Homeopathy – Winona Woman Cures Clients Naturally

With hands on small pellets of different sizes and filled with natural remedies, Jo Ann Thomas is always ready to pick a cure that best suits her clients.

As a homeopathic practitioner in Winona, Thomas makes sure her clients heal with remedies that stimulate their immune system in a balanced and complete way

In 2001, Thomas started her private practice in Winona, where today she treats people of all ages. Sometimes they come to her as a last resort, having tried traditional medications without effect, or with too severe side effects. Sometimes, she said, they “just see the beginning of something and want to use alternative medicine.”

The biggest part of the work, then, is finding out people’s nature and personality. Learning whether they are quiet, reserved, outgoing or emotional — “the picture of the person” — helps her match the appropriate treatment to their body. Homeopathy works on every level, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and focuses especially on the energetic level, she said.

Star Tribune