Five Things You May Not Know About Exercise

We all have those days when we know we should exercise but have absolutely no motivation to do so. The thing is, exercise is great for us and something we need to do regularly, no matter how hard it is to get started.

So, to help inspire you to hit the gym, pound the pavement or turn up to this week’s team training, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the choice things about getting active.

1. Exercise boosts brain power
Simply moving your body has immediate and long-lasting benefits for your brain. Getting your heart rate up improves your body’s ability to use oxygen and increases blood flow to the brain, which helps you to think faster, react quicker, concentrate for longer, remember more and, most importantly, feel happier.

2. Sweat more, stress-less
We all feel stressed at times, it is an inevitable part of life. So, if you’re feeling stressed, a bit of physical activity might be just what you need.

“Instead of sweating the small stuff, sweat it out through exercise,” says Ritua Ali’iva’a, Auckland Council’s Fitness Lead.

3. Exercise together, stay together
Build a better bond with your significant other, friend or family by working out together. Not only does it make exercise fun and you more committed, working towards mutual goals and providing support to each other helps you to develop stronger bonds. After all, relationships are built on shared experiences.

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