Despite Sound Science, Americans Still Distrust GMOs

It’s mind-boggling that people can form an opinion so easily from misinformation or lack of information. But then, when you think of all the groups that constantly proclaim the evils and dangers of GMOs to further their own cause, it becomes a bit more understandable.

Marketers of products that proclaim to be “organic,” “sustainable,” or some other popular term, take pleasure in demonizing modern production agriculture, including GMOs. Environmental groups consider GMOs a bane on the world, even though their safety is proven and their benefits are well documented.

Survey Says:
Still, mistrust exists. Labels proposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to disclose “bioengineered” (BE) foods dramatically increased consumer concerns, especially regarding human health, according to an article on Food Insight.

According to IFIC, more than one-third (36%) of respondents said they know very little or nothing at all about bioengineered or genetically modified foods, identical to the number who say they know at least a fair amount. Despite the low level of knowledge, a greater number (47%) said they avoid GMO foods at least somewhat, which supports the earlier premise that misinformation has left its mark on consumers.

“Despite the broad scientific consensus that GMOs are safe to consume, a majority of Americans seem to be convinced otherwise. It’s a significant disconnect and it underscores the need for more creative public education on the science behind our food,” said Joseph Clayton, CEO of the IFIC Foundation.

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