How To Stay Active During The Cold Winter Months

A “case of the Mondays” doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins found that people are more likely to use Mondays as the day to start fresh and kick off health goals, such as eating plans or exercise regimes. And based on that research, The Monday Campaigns was founded. The non-profit public health initiative is associated with Johns Hopkins and both Columbia and Syracuse Universities. You may know their first campaign—Meatless Monday—but they’ve started many other programs.

How do you recommend staying motivated to exercise when it’s cold outside?

Use your movement time to get together with friends or your partner. A lot of couples set New Year’s Resolutions around their health together, but no one says that you have to wait for the first of January. As the temperatures start to dip, and you want to stay indoors, turn on some tunes and start moving.

How do you recommend exercising for the cold winter months?

First, break your exercise down into three chunks of time, about ten minutes each, spread throughout the day. In the morning segment, you focus on compound movements that will stimulate muscle function and boost your heart rate.

How can people use Monday to keep exercise or get back on track in the winter?

The start of the work week resets your priorities and schedules. This is why Mondays are so helpful for your physical care, especially if you know that you have a big week ahead.

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