Why Ear Seeds Are The New Wellness Trend You Should Try

Before the wellness boom began, alternative therapies were just that — alternative. Now you can pick up a turmeric latte in Pret, cure post-workout pains with CBD oil and find crystals in the most unexpected places, from water bottles to face creams. It is this growing acceptance and accessibility of all things mystic and holistic that has turned many practices that once elicited little more than an eye roll into mainstream movements. The latest example is ear seeds.

Rooted in the world of acupuncture — the ancient Chinese medicine that works on the theory that blockages in the flow of energy can cause health problems, and can be cured with the insertion of fine needles into certain points on the body — ear seeds involve no pinpricks or clinics. Instead, the tiny seeds can be planted at home and are claimed to help with issues from stress to jet lag, while boosting your mood and instilling a sense of calm.

Auriculotherapy, much like reflexology, works on the principle that the ear is a microsystem that reflects the entire body. By mapping these auricular points — there are around 100 in the ear — the seeds are used to apply a light, continuous compression that is believed to help alleviate symptoms.

“Ear seeds are tiny balls of pure silver or 24-karat gold attached to an adhesive sticker,” says Olivia Inge, a former model turned acupuncturist who practices at The Berkeley Clinic in Marylebone and Hammersmith’s Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic. “24k gold is warming, stimulating and boosts blood supply, while silver is known for its cooling and dispersing properties.”

Beginners are encouraged to first visit a fully trained acupuncturist (check the British Acupuncture Council site), who will tailor a treatment plan and show you the most effective points to place the seeds. Each pack also comes with a detailed diagram. A pair of tweezers will help with a precise application, and check the seeds every 12 hours before replacing after a week.

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