Dr Zac Turner on what you really need to read on food nutrition labels

Welcome to Ask Doctor Zac, a weekly column from news.com.au. This week, Dr Zac Turner helps with a question about reading food nutrition labels correctly.

QUESTION: Hi Dr Zac, I found myself looking at a nutritional label the other day but realised I had no idea what I’ve been looking at – what’s good, bad, and a potential heart attack in the making?! Can you help me with a code breaker so I can understand what it is I’m actually looking at? – Jackson, 27, Cairns

ANSWER: It’s important to check the nutrition labels, but it’s even more important to actually read them and understand the nutritional value of foods you are eating. It’s something that should be taught in detail in schools across Australia. Obesity is a leading cause of death in Australia, as well across the Western world, and that is one simple method of preventing it.

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