7 Nutrition Mistakes Maltese People Commonly Make

We’ve seen more changes to our food supply in the last 50 years then we have in the last 10,000. Just 100 years ago we ate fresh organic food that hadn’t been tampered with. Now Malta has one of the highest prevalence of obesity in Europe. So what happened?

The food industry started telling us and selling us what to eat. We have more food available to us than ever before yet we are the most malnourished. Your information on how to truly eat for health comes from the what is naturally available to us, the way nature intended. When you keep this in mind and bring it all back to basics, nutrition doesn’t seem too confusing.

So here’s a non-biased article that may help you be less of a chronic nutrition Googler. Here is a list of some of the most common nutrition mistakes made by Maltese people and others in the world alike. Have a seat and take it all in.

1. Counting calories as a measurement of health
2. Thinking Kinnie is healthy because it’s a citrus-derived drink
3. Avoiding fat and prioritizing ‘low fat’ products
4. It’s pronounced kin-wa, not kin-owa
5. Opting for sugar replacements like agave
6. Choosing processed protein powders
7. Prioritising exercise without diet

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