Natural Supplements Every Woman Above 40 Years Should Be Taking

We all wish to live our best life as we age. Isn’t it? Ageing is inevitable and we all want to age gracefully. So how do you ensure good health throughout? As you age, your body starts going through a lot of changes. When you knock at the doors of your 40s, you start experiencing health transitions such as fragile bones, slow metabolism, loss of hair, etc. This is exactly when you should start popping up supplements as a part of your regular diet. Supplements function as an army to fight age-related illnesses and help you in staying fit. Both vitamins and supplements are a great way to boost your nutrition at any age. In this article, Dr Kaustav Guha, Head of R&D at SkinKraft Laboratories is telling six natural supplements that women should start taking as they enter their 40s.

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