Mastitis Treatment In The Pipeline…Without Antibiotics

Cancer patients who use alternative medicine are more likely to die than their counterparts who get treated with conventional medicine.

Scientists studied patients with cancer of the breast, prostate, lung or colon, who used complementary medicine. Scientists monitored the use of “unproven cancer treatments administered by nonmedical personnel” in addition to at least one conventional cancer therapy such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

Patients who were receiving at least one form of conventional cancer treatment combined with alternative medicine were more likely to refuse at least one part of conventional treatment.

As a result, Westway Health (WWH) – a spin-out of NUI Galway – has spent the past six years developing a disruptive product for the treatment of mastitis in lactating cows.

According to developers, PanaMast LC aims to:

Be the world’s first non-antibiotic medicine for bovine mastitis, offering “superior clinical outcomes and significant financial gains to end-users”;
Reduce milk wastage and the culling of cows; and
Improve profitability and environmental performance on European farms and dairy processing sites. 

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