Natural Medicine is Good Alternative to Treat Diabetes in Santiago de Cuba

Treatment with natural medicines is an alternative in diabetic patients in the province of Santiago de Cuba, mainly in those with chronic complications such as polyneuropathy.

Dania Cardona, head of the Endocrinology group in the province, reported that an important percent of Santiago population suffers from Diabetes Mellitus and the range of increasing remains, due to poor eating habits, stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

Roberto Nicot, Chief of Medicines Department in the province, mentioned among the techniques the use of acupuncture, ozone therapy and pharmacopuncture.

The podiatric disorders are treated with aloe and chamomile ointment; tincture of orange to lower cholesterol and triglycerides; Vimang is used as antioxidant, and they also use ¨anamú¨ which is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

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