Nutrients and nutrition promote healthier skin through the food you eat

With summer around the corner and the uncertainties of the pandemic lingering, many of us have struggled with weight gain due to stress eating and bouts of inactivity. Many chose various crash diets or extreme detoxification programs to treat the problem, ultimately creating a shift in their nutritional intake and dramatic changes in their skin.

Changes in nutritional intake while dieting can have an adverse impact on the skin, and results that can be achieved with topical skincare have plateaued. Traditional products can only go so deep.

Let’s look at nutrients that work from the inside out. Skin aging falls into two categories: chronological aging and extrinsic aging. Chronological aging is simply a result of living a temporary life on this earth. Extrinsic skin aging is the result of external factors and environmental influence such as sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption, pollution, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition.

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