Gardening pro-tips, for seniors: Nutrition program a clinic on growing healthy veggies and herbs

Master gardener Marie Woodard used a fabric tape measure to gauge the spacing — about 24 inches — needed between cabbage buds in a raised bed.

Nearby, master gardener Kanisha Haskins dug her hands into the fresh dirt and shared the benefits of planting scallions, which though already ripe for use, can be reseeded to produce more.

“The bulb goes into the ground, so the bulb gets a little bigger,” Haskins-Combs said. “Instead, it would be just a small spring onion it would be maybe the size of a pearl onion, or a small white onion. It’s an onion, so it keeps coming back. It saves you money in the grocery store.”

These pro-tips are some of what both gardeners shared with a group of seniors who participated in a fall community garden activity at the Langley Village Apartments.

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