How well does your body respond to exercise? It’s in your genes

A systematic review of more than 20 studies has quantified the role genes play in how effectively our bodies respond to different kinds of exercise. The study found genes influence outcomes more prominently in muscle training exercises and propose in the future it could be possible to personalize exercise programs to individual genetic profiles.

“We know that exercise is good for us, but we all improve at different rates, even when following identical training regimes,” says lead author on the new study Henry Chung, from Anglia Ruskin University. “This means there are other factors at play.”

The systematic review and meta-analysis included 24 studies encompassing over 3,000 subjects. Three different exercise phenotypes were studied: cardiovascular fitness, muscle training, and anaerobic power.

“Our study found 13 genes that have a role in exercise outcomes, and we found that specific alleles contained within these genes are more suited to certain aspects of fitness,” explains Chung.

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