I’m a Mom and An Alternative Medicine Expert: Here Are Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Beat the Winter Blues

As a mom to three kids, I know that this is a difficult, stressful time for families. Parents really have to dig deep to find ways to support their kids, especially during the winter blues. I see posts from parents concerned about childhood insomnia, anxieties, and depression every day. With the pandemic increasing stress for everyone, it’s crucial to instill coping skills.

Being the co-founder of GoodCap Wellness and a lifelong advocate of natural medicines, I’ve been able to draw on my experience with improving mental health to offer a few ways we can guide our kids through the last of the winter blues and beyond. While every kid is unique and there isn’t a single path to building these skills successfully all at once, there are a multitude of healthy habits and activities that can foster an improved sense of well-being.

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