Everyday alternatives to trendy superfoods, that are just as healthy

Nutritionist and Food Service Dietitian at MACROS, James Halim shares the simple store-bought solutions.

2021 has delivered a dazzling ‘new’ array of fruits, seeds, legumes that all fall under the status of superfoods.

Not usually nestled in the aisles of mainstream supermarkets, these niche ingredients are reserved more for specialty food stores who more vigorously promote their extraordinary health benefits.

Often resurfacing from ancient, international cultures, then taking over the cafe scene, it’s worth noting there are in fact everyday alternatives to investing in these ingredients, and they still offer the same health benefits.

1. Psyllium husk

A form of fiber extracted from the husks of specific plant seeds (Plantago Ovata), psyllium is most beneficial for supporting digestion, often championed for its laxative properties; it soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movements much easier and more frequent.

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