People We Meet: Mary Leatherman, cured by acupuncture

Wearing her mask and “I stand with Chesa Boudin” pin, Mary Leatherman stood outside the Lotus Center at 417 South Van Ness Ave.

She had received a text from her acupuncturist, who was running a little late, so she decided “just to hang out for a little bit.”

Leatherman said she decided to try alternative medicine during menopause. “I started getting horrible, debilitating migraines. And somebody said, ‘Try acupuncture!’” she said.

She connected with an acupuncturist whose daughter attended the same primary school as Leatherman’s own daughter, a fortuitous decision. “She cured me!” said Leatherman, “Or, I should say, acupuncture cured me of the migraines.”

She has since been back for navigating digestive issues, a stressful job, and a rotator cuff problem. So far, acupuncture has worked for everything.

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