Natural Hypertension Remedies That Give Fast Results

Medication and orderly living are must to cure this disorder. But, it is equally important to eat healthy food to monitor the blood pressure and keep a check on it at the same time. The following 10 home remedies/foods can do wonders in curbing your hypertension if you take them regularly:

1.) Bananas – The low sodium and high potassium content in bananas help reduce blood pressure.

2.) Beetroot – The nitrate content in beetroots improves blood flow and leaves a calming effect on the blood vessels.

3.) Spinach – The potassium, folate and magnesium content in spinach help in lowering blood pressure levels.

4.) Oatmeal – a diet rich in fibre, whole grains and low sodium helps in reducing blood pressure

5.) Avocado – its oelic acid reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The potassium and folate content is also good for a healthy heart.

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