National Survey Reveals 91 Per Cent of Canadians Believe Health Is the Key to Happiness

A survey of more than 1,500 Canadians conducted by CHFA revealed that the vast majority (91 per cent) of Canadians believe that their overall health impacts their level of happiness.

Additional interesting findings from the survey include:

  • Canadians’ favourite foods to ward off cold and flu and stay happy and healthy include chicken soup/broth (49 per cent), oranges (49 per cent) and tea (48 per cent)
  • Canadians’ top picks for natural health products to keep them happy and healthy during cold and flu season include vitamins C (46 per cent) and D (37 per cent).
  • Things Canadians do to stay happy and healthy: Over three-quarters say they improve their sleep (76 per cent), improve eating habits (43 per cent) and engage in exercise (40 per cent).

CHFA’s four pillars of immunity include:

– Nutrition: Lack of proper nutrition has been linked to decreased immunity and increased risk of illness. Nuts, fermented foods and garlic are all shown to help boost the immune system.
– Exercise: Engaging in 30-60 minutes every day can improve your body’s immune response. To improve exercise and immune health consider including krill oil, protein and vitamin D as part of a daily routine.
– Sleep: Our bodies respond to lack of sleep in a similar way as it does to acute stress. Try adding magnesium, L-theanine and melatonin for better sleep.
– Mindfulness: Mindfulness can reduce markers for inflammation and stress hormones. Probiotics and omega-3s can be beneficial in managing stress.

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