Energy Healing Comes in Many Different Forms – Here’s How It Works

Maybe it’s the clip of Julianne Hough that got you wondering, or perhaps it’s your coworker’s collection of crystals that sparked your interest. Regardless, there’s a chance you’re still wondering – what is energy healing, anyway? 

A genre that’s filled with many different modalities and opinions, energy healing can be a confusing subject to dissect, so we did some research to answer at least a few of your burning questions. 

First, you’re probably wondering: what is energy healing, anyway? 

Alexis Alvarez, an Intuitive Energy Worker at Modrn Sanctuary who practices many different forms of energy healing, including crystal healing and Reiki, defines energy healing as “a field of science that utilizes subtle energies – like wavelengths of color or sound frequencies – to restore a sense of relaxation and well-being.”

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