Why We Need To Warm-Up Properly Before Exercise?

Failing to warm-up means your muscles will be tight before you start working out, so executing the perfect movement will be slightly more difficult.

So if you’re lacking inspiration behind your warm-ups and need a bit of a boost, read our explainer before you next head to the gym.

Why are warm-ups so important?

“A good warm-up is essential to help prevent injury and also to ensure that you can exercise effectively,” said Fiona Crossley, F45 Kingston co-founder, and PT.

What’s happening to our body when we are warming up?

As the muscles warm up, the blood flow and oxygen supply to them increase. This activates the connections between your nerve and muscles, which improves the efficiency of movement. Ultimately, we are preparing our body for the (more intense) movement that follows.

How long should we spend on warm-ups?

Wanless said anywhere from five to 10 minutes is sufficient enough to get all the muscles firing and the blood flowing nicely through the body. Make sure you focus on all the major muscle groups during your warm-up and ensure you can feel your heart rate increasing.

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