Can Acupuncture Minimize Wrinkles?

According to Yvette Forbes, an acupuncture practitioner at Sage Beauty in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Australia, needles “can help with fine lines, sagging skin, bags under the eyes and the overall health and vibrancy of the skin”.

Traditional cosmetic treatments generally treat the surface of your skin to help make changes. Things like lasers, Botox, dermal fillers and even surgery are all topical. But acupuncture apparently works on your inner wellness. It is said to focus on the health of your organs and apparently moves your “chi” – stay with me – around the body to bring blood to different areas and boost the muscles which hold the face up.

“It’s the functioning and the energy of the organs that we want to work better. For example, sagging muscles are about the spleen,” says Forbes (because I specifically asked her about my sagging jawline.)

Irene Prantalos, a Chinese medicine practitioner at Salubre in Melbourne’s Surrey Hills, has used acupuncture to treat psoriasis and also does cosmetic treatments.

“Acupuncture addresses any imbalances in the body,” says Prantalos. “When someone says they have puffy circles or darkness around eyes, it indicates an adrenal issue, the bags can be about the spleen. If someone has a lot of wrinkles, dullness or dryness, that’s a yin deficiency.”

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