Is Acupuncture can Ease Addiction?

When it comes to addiction, needles are usually the last thing those in recovery expect to aid with their rehabilitation.

Yet, a therapeutic acupuncture program offered through Sandoval County implements needles for people attending prevention and intervention treatment programs.

Scott Patterson, clinical supervisor and mental health specialist for Sandoval County, said he supervises the treatment of individuals who are court-ordered or have self-selected to enter the county’s addiction rehabilitation program.

According to Patterson, his office uses National Acupuncture Detoxification Association protocols as guidelines of proven methods that can aid with addiction treatment.

“This protocol was developed in the early ’80s, specifically with individuals that were trying to get off of heroin,” Patterson said. “Soon, doctors noticed a really significant decrease in the use of methadone and the decrease in the re-use of heroin and decrease in relapse.”

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