No excuses: The Sports Gear You Need To Exercise

Time to confess: Most people have gym membership but many of them fail to step on a treadmill. After a hard day of work, it seems impossible to pack your sports bag and leave the house. But in fact you do not really have to leave your house at all. All you need to do is to do is buy a few things and get creative in your house to set up your very own small gym.

Here are somethings that should be in every house to get fit by the summer:

Proper fitness clothes: If you put your mind to exercise whether at home or outside, you need the proper gear and the most important thing is a proper sports suit. Your daily clothes fail to air out and absorb sweat, which is very uncomfortable and more importantly unhealthy.

Water bottle: First rule of exercise is to never get dehydrated. If you plan to take a walk outside or do a few pushups in the comfort of your home, remember to have a water bottle in hand.

Stopwatch: The exercise you do matters but it is also important to keep track of your time and sets. A stopwatch is an easy way to monitor your progress.

Motivational music: They say that music is the food of the soul but it is also an important essence of exercise. Make sure to put together a playlist featuring your favorite songs as well as the ones that will make your heart pump.

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