“Here’s When Alternative Medicine Can Save Your Life “

According to a leading physician, thousands of Americans die needlessly every year from a deadly myth — that only drugs and surgery can heal. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., a pioneer in the successful treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and the author of “Real Cause, Real Cure,” tells Newsmax that the financial power of the pharmaceutical companies has skewed our healthcare into a system that ties the hands of natural practitioners and patients who want to find root causes of illness and restore their health.

Dr. John Reed, a Maryland-based physician who believes in integrative healthcare, adds that it isn’t so much which diseases should be treated with alternative medicine, but what kind of people are receptive to taking control of their health. Some people are so used to popping pills that they won’t explore the opportunities to self-heal while others want the information but can’t get it from their regular healthcare practitioners.

“The current medical system is in danger of collapsing because it is treating problems, not people,” he tells Newsmax. “The whole idea of integrative medicine is to restore vitality and function. Our healthcare doesn’t encourage healthy lifestyles that could prevent many of our dreaded diseases, including the diabetes epidemic we are facing right now.”

Teitelbaum, the author of “Diabetes is Optional,” agrees. “People with adult onset or type 2 diabetes do not need to be treated with insulin because adults produce enough insulin. Their problem is that they are insulin resistant. This disease can be prevented and treated with a low-sugar, high-fiber diet, the herb Hintonia (Sucontral D), and checking for deficiencies in hormones and vitamin D. If necessary, I prefer to give the drug metformin over insulin because it doesn’t encourage more weight gain.”

Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are usually managed traditionally with potentially dangerous pain killers like Lyrica, which is known to increase thoughts of suicide. Instead of medication, Teitelbaum has had success with his famous S.H.I.N.E. protocol. “This provides a blueprint for the body to heal itself,” he says. “Getting adequate sleep, testing for hormone deficiency, boosting the immune system, maintaining optimal nutrition, and exercising are five key elements to beating these autoimmune diseases. In our published research study, over 90% of patients improved with treatment.”

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