Acupuncture and cupping known to relieve pain, stress and anxiety

Some people swear acupuncture has changed their life while others are less than convinced.

It’s a great debate in the health world because it’s considered a major pillar in ancient Chinese medicine but an alternative treatment here in the United States.

Acupuncture is the process of inserting very thin needles into your skin at specific parts of your body to help relieve pain.

“Really what acupuncture is doing is helping with circulation and bloodflow,” said Kimberly Ross, owner of ORA Spa.

Your body has areas that are nerve rich and when you stimulate that area, it can help relieve pain elsewhere.

“It’s all about kind of keeping your system in balance as much as you can,” said Gabriel Sher, Director of Acupuncture at ORA Spa.

Some people swear by acupuncture and others think it does nothing. So, Glam Lab had to check it out for herself!

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