Quinn on Nutrition: Importance of a colorful diet

I’m seeing more and more plant-based protein ingredients added to food products these days. A product called Harvest Snaps, for example, uses green peas, red lentils and black beans in their chip-like snacks. These pea, lentil and bean-based crisps have more protein and dietary fiber and less fat and sodium than regular potato chips. Not bad.

Nuts and nut butters can also boost protein in our diets. And peanut butter now has several friends on the shelf, including cashew, almond and hazelnut butters.

I recently sampled a couple of Once Again nut butter spreads — one with hazelnuts and cocoa and the other with almonds and cocoa. My grandkids would love this stuff but I’m not a huge fan. Rather than nuts, the primary ingredient in these products is added sugar.

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