If you ask me…it’s time I expressed my true feelings on alternative medicine

If you ask me, and as the “scientific basis” for alternative medical treatments is questioned yet again – the Bristol mother who tried to have her son’s brain tumour treated in an oxygen chamber; Prince Charles further endorsing homeopathy – I feel it is time I showed my colours and spoke up on behalf of alternative medicine and its practitioners. You may even quiz me on this, if you like:

So, are you against conventional science?

Not at all. It certainly has its place for, say, curing and preventing diseases, explaining our planet, saving our endangered species, tracing our evolution, extending all our life-spans and enhancing the quality of all our lives, but it has nothing to say, for example, about realigning your energy fields with ylang-ylang and as anyone who has realigned their energy fields with ylang-ylang will tell you: “My energy fields were all over the place previously, but now run as straight, smoothly and punctually as a Swiss train.”

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