Covid stress: People turning to alternative therapies

As the pandemic shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, those in the alternative medicine field say they are observing an uptick in demand for people looking to relieve their symptoms.

Reiki healer Dr Meena Bajaj says she is seeing more youngsters coming to her for healing. “They are unable to deal with anxiety and the stress due to different situations in their life. A lot of Covid patients in recovery and those suffering from it have also reached out,” says the 62-year-old healer.

The Japanese-based healing technique, Reiki usually requires in-person meetings, but Dr Meena says, the technique is not really encumbered by space, location or distance.

“When the body is ill, the chakras get disbalanced, we balance them by redirecting energy to them. The chakras work as a whole and not individually, and cleanse the system.

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