An essential nutrition guide for 2022, as per an F45 expert

Food swaps, portion control, and more – here is an F45 expert’s advice on the best nutrition guide.

With the year-end festivities behind us, it is now time to get back on track with your fitness goals. To kickstart your fitness goals, here is an essential nutrition guide provided by an F45 expert.

You also need to keep accountable with a proper nutrition routine. Thanks to the nutrition experts at F45, we have come up with an essential nutrition guide that will help maximise your workouts. Not only will these F45-approved tips help enhance your workouts, but they will also boost your long-term health goals.

From eating right to proper portioning and more, this nutrition guide will provide you the necessary steps to take in order to achieve your fitness and health goals. F45 nutritionist and spokesperson, Kim Bowman shows us how.

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